We are working with Ernst&Young to create new digital solutions matching consultancy and agency skills. We have a secret name for this project: it’s called H-enErgY!

Corporate Garage is a fresh format of quick prototyping. Imagine a hackathon of 1 or 2 days focused on a specific corporate need (a new mobile app, a new campaign concept, a new digital service). We can provide a collaborative environment between brands and startups to create fast and innovative prototypes.

We organized a workshop in Digital Accademia for Bottega Veneta focused on internal collaboration topics: social enterprise, intranet 2.0 and employees’ engagement.

A contamination lab with Diesel art directors and style managers to foster a new idea generation process across the company. Outputs: new branding ideas for t-shirts and digital campaigns.

A Bootcamp in Digital Accademia for RCS Media Group, with lectures and active workshops on Innovation Trends, Social Business, Online Advertising, SEO & Social Analytics, Mobile User Experience.

We worked with LOVEThESIGN to create engaging initiatives and campaigns to involve fashion and design influencers in the promotion of the e-commerce.

Life started its cooperation with Design Diffusion on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2013, designing and managing an online + offline strategy to create a true DDN experience. We also worked on their daily communication, helping them optimize their presence on the social media and build a brand-new responsive website.

Life started a cooperation with DWS re-designing its corporate identity and providing them with a new company profile. We also designed and built their brand-new responsive website. We’re currently managing an online strategy to create a digital identity of DWS that could foster new engaging initiatives in the field of 3D printing.

We built the new social media strategy for Torremato and worked on creative concepts that could foster new engaging initiatives in the field of lighting and architecture.

Specialists in the maintenance of the vineyard and pruning of the vine, Life is helping Simonit&Sirch develop a content strategy for the social channels and update the company profile according to their new stylish brand identity.

We created a concept for the new interactive platform of the USU (Unità spinale unipolare).

An idea management platform for disabled persons where users can post, vote, comment or share innovative ideas on how to solve real problems with digital solutions.

XYZE is a new technology for fashion online which connects your body measurements with clothes you want to buy. LIFE worked with XYZE on mobile user experience, brand identity and social media strategy/management.

Pathflow is a startup focused on real-life analytics. They analyze how customers move and behave inside a location through objective data. We are working with Pathflow to design innovative retail experiences.

We are working with Zing designing and managing a social media strategy that can help the company promote Scontoflash, a social commerce app that allows SMBs to handle online promotional campaign from a Facebook page.

A co.design experience with 60 young students during the Festival Liberamente at Merano. With the Digital Accademia team, we designed and managed all the activities to generate 6 new innovative proposals for Europe 2020.